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How Far Are Buyers Going To Purchase Property?

With the prominent level of competition in the UK property market, it is no surprise to see that many buyers are keen to do whatever it takes to buy a property. There will often be limitations on what a buyer can spend, every buyer will have a budget, but when there are many people expressing an interest in property, you can see why some buyers are keen to stand out from the crowd. At Link Up, we are delighted to say that we have helped many people buy and sell property, but we haven’t witnessed some of the tactics and strategies shown by buyers which have been shared by NAEA Propertymark.

How far would you go to buy property?

There is nothing wrong with showing passion and excitement in life. This is true when it comes to property and you’ll love some of the stories that have been shared by NAEA Propertymark about the actions of buyers:

  • One buyer attended the house of a vendor and offered to pay the full deposit, in cash, there and then
  • A buyer who was so determined to purchase property that they also stated they would buy the Porsche of the homeowner if that would ensure their offer was accepted
  • One keen buyer invited the homeowner away to a country mansion for a spa weekend
  • A buyer invited the homeowner out to dinner at an expensive and well-regarded restaurant
  • One buyer arrived at a property with the asking price in cash, all carried in a shopping trolley
  • A prospective buyer who works as a gardener offered to provide the homeowner with two years’ worth of free gardening services for their new home if their bid was accepted
  • There was even a buyer who was willing to put the homeowner up in rental accommodation for a year to facilitate the sale

The Chief Executive of NAEA Propertmark, Mark Hayward, released a statement, saying; “We hear many bizarre stories about buyers trying to woo sellers in a desperate bid to secure the deal, but this is something that can be easily avoided. Experienced agents will anticipate any issues that could arise and prevent potential buyers from having to go to these extremes to secure an offer on their dream home.”

Many buyers are under pressure to snap up property in a hurry

There is no denying that many prospective buyers feel under pressure in the property market and if they have the means to do so, you can see why people are keen to take additional steps that will help them buy property. If you are selling your home, it is natural to be interested in some of these exciting offers, and it is likely that some homeowners have made their decision based on the extend of a buyer’s offer.

We must admit, these stories are not common in the Hillingdon property market. No matter what step you are looking to make in the local property market, you’ll find that calling on a local specialist is often enough to give you an advantage. At Link Up, we are keen to provide you with the best standard of support and guidance, no matter what you want to achieve in the Hillingdon property market, so get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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